What do we know about Pont Nemo and why it became the graveyard of many space junk

We probably all came across the term Point Nemo or Pole of Inaccessibility, but not all of us know what it is.

Let’s start by explaining first what Point Nemo or Pole of Inaccessibility is:

A pole of inaccessibility with respect to a geographical criterion of inaccessibility marks a location that is the most challenging to reach according to that criterion.

Often it refers to the most distant point from the coastline, implying a maximum degree of continentality or oceanity. In this cases, pole of inaccessibility can be defined as the center of the largest circle that can be drawn within an area of interest without encountering a coast. Where a coast is imprecisely defined, the pole will be similarly imprecise.

– When it was discovered ?

Discovered in 1992, Point Nemo became a source of excitement for scientists.

In the 90s, a mysterious noise was picked up less than 1250 miles east of Point Nemo. The sound, dubbed “the Bloop”, was louder than a blue whale leading to speculation that it was made by unknown sea monster and had oceanographers all worked up.

After much trepidiation, NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) worked out that it was the sound of a giant iceberg fracturing and cracking.

Spacecraft Cemetery

Point Nemo, also used as a Spacecraft cemetery, known more formally as the South Pacific Ocean Uninhabited Area, is the region in the southern Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand, where spacecraft that have reached the end of their usefulness are routinely de-orbited and destroyed.It has been chosen for this remoteness and for its limited shipping traffic, si as not to endanger human life with any falling debris.

– Closest Neighbours

Situated 2688km away from any coastline in every direction, your closest neighbours will be the astronauts working on the International Space Station (ISS) and if you look up and your lucky you might also see it as the distance between the International Space Station and Point Nemo is just 400km.

– The Resting place of ISS ( International Space Station )

Yes, you heard it right, Point Nemo will also be the resting point for our amazing International Space Station that will be decommissioned in 2028 by NASA and its international partners that are planning a remplacement for the ISS.
The remplacement may travel further than the Apollo mission and will orbit near the Moon.
It is hoped the gateway could serve as a hub for missions to Mars by 2030s.

So if you are planning a trip in the middle of the Ocean, don’t forget to take your binoculos and say hi to the people on board the ISS.

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